Frequently Asked Questions

Are there any hidden costs?

No. We are a small family run business trying our best to establish a good brand. The prices quoted are what you pay. There are options available which you can take when booking – though not many, as we try to be as all in as we can. Unlike the big hire companies you don’t get charged for every tiny little thing. These vehicles are our home away from home and come with everything that you would need to enjoy your adventure.

Is there a damage deposit?

Yes. Just like when you hire a car, we secure £1,000 against your payment method and only take the appropriate amount of this if there is any damage to the vehicle during your hire.
For example – the larger companies will take your entire damage deposit for minor damages (e.g. a blind which are approx. up to £200 depending on the size) however we just take what we need to fix/replace the damage.
The £1,000 is our insurance excess should we need to make a claim.

Driving the vehicle

Our motorhomes are:


6m long, 2.8m high, 2.3m wide and weigh 2.9 tonnes unloaded.


6.4m long, 2.8m high, 2.3m wide and weigh 2.9 tonnes unloaded.


6.4m long, 3m high, 2.3m wide and weigh 3.1 tonnes unloaded.

Adventure, Explore & Tourer

7m long, 3.2m high, 2.3m wide and weigh 2.9 tonnes unloaded.

Quest & Wayfarer

7.45m long, 3m high, 2.3m wide and weigh 3.1 tonnes unloaded.


7.25m long, 3.2m high, 2.3m wide and weigh 3.1 tonnes unloaded.

Freedom, Odyssey & Pioneer

7.4m long, 3.2m high, 2.3m wide and weigh 3.1 tonnes unloaded.


7.4m long, 3.2m high, 2.3m wide and weigh 3.1 tonnes unloaded.


7.4m long, 3m high, 2.2m wide and weigh 3.1 tonnes unloaded.

You do not need a special licence to drive these vehicles apart from ‘Expedition’ as she does require a C1), however this means you will need to travel light not to go over you licence weight of 3.5 tonnes. If you are on an older licence, you have no restrictions.
The motorhomes can go in the EuroTunnel which is a question often asked. You register as a motorhome with the above measurements (add a metre if you are putting bikes on the rear bike rack).

What is our availability?

You can check the motorhome’s availability on our website to see if they are available when you require them.


Our website deals with all payments. Our payment system is Stripe, which is behind the scenes of most high street stores.
Our system takes an initial deposit of 50% and then automatically takes the final payment 30 days before your hire.
You can choose to pay monthly at no extra cost if you let us know. We simply divide the final balance over the months before your hire takes place. And take a £1 payment at the time of booking confirmation.

Where can you go in a motorhome?

You can go travel in the UK or EU.
You can book campsite before you go or there are a range or motorhome travel apps that show you campsites and free places to park over night along with what facilities they have. Please also look on our ‘Places to Visit in a Motorhome’ page for suggestions and suggestions of nearby campsites, aires, or wild camping locations.
If you are travelling to the EU we have Aires books, which a typically free stops, in beautiful places. Ideal for those travellers that want to move to a new place each day. Please let us know if you’re going abroad off mainland UK as soon as possible as we need to apply for a VE103R which we need in place for when you’re on hire.

What is wild camping?

This is when you don’t stop at a serviced area (like the side of a road or out in the countryside).
You need to ensure is that you have ample water on board for washing, cooking, etc. Our motorhomes are capable of running indefinitely without a hook as long as you move daily (its charges the leisure batteries whilst driving, as well as having solar panels).
The major key is having water on board. We carry silly amounts of water from Lidl to top up the tank when doing this.

Required Documentation

Ahead of your hire we require:A copy of your driving licence

2 proofs of addres

If you are going abroad you will need to apply for a Vehicle On Hire Certificate (VE103R) which replaces the old Green Card.


Proof of adress documents

We require either 2x from Primary list, or 1x from Primary and 1x from Secondary. All need to be dated within last 90 days (except council tax which can be last annual statement). Each document should clearly show name, address (as on driving licence) and date. All other information can be redacted.

Primary Proof of Address:
• Electricity
• Water
• Gas
• Broadband/Landline
• Council tax
•TV licence
• Bank Statement
• Credit card bill / statement
• Mortgage statement
• Polling card
• HMRC self-assessment / tax credit
Secondary Proof of Address:
• Student loan
• Payslip
• Mobile Phone Bills
• Pension letters
• Car Finance Statement
• Loan Statement
• Property deed

Pick-up and Drop-off Times
Vehicles handover vehicles at 10am on the start date of your hire.

Vehicles are due back for 1pm on the return date of hire. You can opt to return the vehicle for late checkout which is 6pm at an additional cost when you book.

The times above are advertised as we are not a big business, nor are we a showroom. Staff will only be here at the advertised times. If you require additional pickup and drop off we can arrange this in advance only.

What's included in the vehicle

There is an inventory list of each vehicle on the vehicles page. 

We can offer additional items that are not standard equipment. Please call or email to ask if we supply the specified additional items. 

Do the motorhomes have TV's?

We do have TV’s in some vehicles. We have stopped putting TVS in on later models.

Mostly, they are not unsued as people are out exploring or playing games and interacting on thier adventure. 

Depending on the area you may or may not be successful with signal. They do all have DVD players so should you be a person that loves a movie – we suggest packing some DVD’s.

We also like to remind guests that you are hiring a motorhome, not a TV. If you are exploring remotely it is unlikely that you will have signal. If you rely on TV when on holiday we suggest you take a device with downloaded movies/series.